R.E.D is una PMI innovativa nata nel 2014 con l’dea di portare al mercato una nuova concezione dell’abitare, superando il concetto tradizionale immobiliare di “casa”. L’azienda non vende immobili, ma propone lo sviluppo di contesti urbani innovativi dove l’abitare trova una nuova dimensione e pone al centro la persona e le sue esigenze. Il modello proposto coniuga ed integra armonicamente il sistema energetico, l’infrastruttura digitale, le caratteristiche costruttive ed i servizi in grado di generare un contesto di benessere.


Developing urban environments where to live acquires a new dimension thanks to the harmonious integration of construction features, energy system, digital infrastructure and services to the person and the community. The basic formula of the services offered is mainly oriented towards guaranteeing the"3S" index

Economic sustainability, environmental sustainability,
personal sustainability


RED offers affordable apartments oriented to minimize the condominium expenses using the digital infrastructure to manage the energy needs, distribution and storage of energy based on renewable sources.


Living respecting the environment and our planet is one of the values of the company that interprets selecting materials and components "green" according to the principle of circular economy, applying techniques of pre-assembly of buildings to optimize the movement from the factory to the site and speed up construction times, promoting electric mobility and any initiative aimed at reducing pollution.


The services designed by RED with its partners must always be oriented to make people feel good in their daily actions, from work to leisure: starting from the safety of the areas to innovative services of interaction and monitoring of people with the community and the environment.

3SIndex guides the choices of design and development as well as the constant search for distinctive services for the benefit of residents.